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Top 5 FAQs
1 How do I earn reward points?
2 How can I redeem the points that I have earned?
3 Do I need to have a minimum number of points to receive an Everyday Money Shopping Card?
4 What happens if I have not earned enough points to receive an Everyday Money Shopping Card?
5 How do my reward points become Everyday Money Shopping Cards?
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Welcome to the Everyday Money Shopping Card website

It's often the simple things in life that are most rewarding. At Woolworths Everyday Money, the simple and accessible benefits we offer speak for themselves.

The Everyday Money credit card comes with a great rewards program that allows you to earn valuable rewards points.

Earn points everywhere you shop using your Everyday Money credit card and every 4 months, provided you have enough points, you'll receive a shopping card, to redeem at a great range of participating stores. So, you can reward yourself with all sorts of things from champagne to DVDs to petrol.
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